Error category “K”

A student of mine, who had just turned 28 the day before, wrote in an ICQ message:
“i am used to be a senior student”.

When I pointed out that it should be “i am used to being” his reply was: “sorry, but maybe you know “kölsch” (cologne beer)?”

I therefore propose a new error category: K.

That’s what its abbreviation will be, scribbled in casual annoyance in the margin of a student’s translation (yes, some teachers still need margins, and paper 🙂

But what shall the K denote?  Just the error “i am used to be” instead of “i am used to being”?  Or anything at all that suggests the student drank too much beer the night before?

If the latter, then K could become a kind of Kavaliersdelikt.

The issue of the lexical semantics of “senior student” will be addressed on another occasion.

One Response to “Error category “K””

  1. Roberto Says:

    ). I am not used to enclosing other people’s afterthoughts, but in this case I though I ought to.

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